You Need a Budget is the best budgeting software available. And we can save you 10% ($6.00) off the regular retail price!

You Need a Budget YNAB 4

It's Easy!

  •  Click the big orange below.
  •  When the You Need A Budget website loads, look for the orange banner that will confim your discount.
  •  Add YNAB 4 to your shopping cart; your discount will automatically be applied when you check out.
That's it! It's just that easy. For more information on You Need a Budget, YNAB 4, our coupon codes, or our discount process, please scroll down.
The makers of the You Need a Budget software (otherwise known as YNAB 4) offer a referral program that anyone can join. My wife and I have been using YNAB 4 for several months now, and we're so incredibly happy with the results that we found we were telling all of our friends and relatives about it. One day we thought "we should join their referral program!" and here we are.
When you use our referral code, YOU save $6 off the retail price of the software, and YNAB sends us $6 for referring you. It's a win-win situation!
This process is completely safe and it's authorized by the good people at You Need a Budget. You know it's for real because when you click our button, you're taken to the OFFICIAL YNAB website where you can make your purchase.
Is this legit?
Yes! YNAB issues referral codes to people who purchase and love their software. These referral codes can be given out so other people can get a discount on You Need a Budget.
What are you saving your $6 for?
My wife and I are saving to purchase our own home. I'm a big believer in YNAB 4, and I even have a category in my savings section called "House Down Payment". Each time I get a $6 referral from this site, I put it directly into that account. Thank you for helping us reach our dream goal!
So this is the same code found elsewhere?
Yes and no. Many people put their own referral code out there in hopes that you'll use it. Mine is unique to me... and I hope you'll use it! Of course, you could use the code found on or from other people who have a referral code - you'll still save $6 no matter whose code you use. But if you use my code, you'll get that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you're helping my family reach our goal of home ownership!
Does YNAB have a demo?
Yes, there is a 34-day free trial demo of You Need a Budget available on their website. If you haven't already tried YNAB, their free trial is a great way to get a feeling for the software. When I first started using YNAB 4, I had the demo, and I knew pretty quickly that this was something I was going to want to buy. It was the best $54 I've ever spent!
Is there a student discount?
Yes! College is hard enough without a budget. If you are a college/university student, you can get YNAB 4 for free! You can't beat free, and it's such a great tool. Parents, get your kids a copy before they go off to college so they can track their budget!